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I wasn't happy this morning shopped at your location store 830 Lansdowne.I went to buy the rice which I saw the latest flyers on sale at food basic. When I just arrived there ,have a staff stared at me ,when I put three bag of the rice(on flyer no one words said that have limit), front of the cashier to pay the money the cashier leer on me and the rice, I don't know why their altitude like that ,it is because I just only buy the rice which on sale?

After I put the rice at my car I recognized forget something to buy then I went back there ,when I arrived the gate a staff stop me and gave me a warning ,you can't buy the rice anymore , I surprised me why I can't? He said he saw me come back and thing I will to buy more rice then that is do not allow. I said I just come to shopping and the sign haven't written cannot come back to buy, then the guys said if you still do buy rice again then he won't service me and not allow to shopping there anymore .

When I hear that I am so mad. Frist, your company promote Weekly special ,mean to attract customers to shopping .spent money on me and I choice the thing I want to buy.Second, the flyers haven't said anything about limit, even inside the store promote sign don't said you can not buy after limited ,just you need to pay $2 more, I don't mind to Pay $2 more to buy and their people so rude to treated me .their people so unfriendly and rude and I wouldn't recommend people go here shopping any more until The staff need to go back to training again thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Staffmark Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

I liked: Lot of produc.

I didn't like: Unfriendly service.

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It’s for everyone and not just you. Perhaps in your GREED you have forgotten they have other customers who would like to take advantage of that sale.

You going and buying as much as you like is going to impact each shopper who wishes to take part in that sale. Besides all of that, it IS private property and as such they can limit how much of what they sell to ANYONE and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s their RIGHT!

Just as it’s your right to shop elsewhere, which I suggest that you do. I swear the snowflakes are really losing functioning brain cells!


That similar happened to me yesterday, at Richmond Hill Basic food too. What is happens with the staff of this company? They should seriously take care of this

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